This is our bands first song, and we would appreciate any advice we can get:


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it sounds like an intro to a tv show to be honest. the vox have a good flow, almost rap like? bad mix tho, the low freq's are so messy, cant hear guitar, vox to loud
Interesting song......kind of like a rock rap thing. I kind of liked it. The mix sounds like it's coming off of the PA and room mics.............could be better balanced.
The bass is somewhat muddy and the vocals are too out front. And speaking of vocals.....keep singing like that and you'll probably ruin your vocal cords in the long run.
It's almost like shouting. There's a correct way to get loud dynamics......you actually need to constrict (tighten) the vocal cords while pushing a lot of air from the diaphram.

Try shouting for 2 hours every day and see what your voice will sound like in a year or two.
Anyway, you get my drift.

Other than that....the song was pretty good.
I liked the writing (not often I say this), the production was terrible though.
hardly hear the guitar/bass, its like vocals over drums here

i'd suggest you re-record this

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Guitar and bass can hardly be heard and vocals was just too loud and the bass didn't sound good. If you have an audio editor try adding chorus and reverb effect to the vocals it would sound much better.
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I'd definitely want to hear this rerecorded. It has potential but i feel like the vocalist has like a vendetta against me :P
I actually like the vocals, if only they were less staccato haha.
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