Ok, seriously.

Does anyone know these guys??? They are great! They are an Italian "cyber-punk" band and they are REALLY amazing. But it seems as though no one knows them. Please, PLEASE, if you do know them, and like them, WRITE SOMETHING!! ! lol. They are really cool and I'm pretty sure if you go to their website Dopestarsinc.com or whatever, there are some of their songs accessable! Please check them out! I beg of you!
I think that says it all....
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while i dig the band, they're definitely not cyberpunk as i see it. they're electro-industrial, similar to zeromancer and orgy. where's the punk?
I know lol.

Sometimes in some songs there is a sort of punky element in the vocals, the music itself is far from punk. "cyberpunk" is the genre they refer to themselves as, so i figured i should respect that, and call them what they believe they are