Just finished recording my new song (Metal ofc ), Ive been strongly influenced by Manowar for this one, but dont be surprised if it doesnt remind you Manowar at all lol.

http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/Gacel/music/all/play740761 (4 mins)

hope you like it! any critics welcome
Quote by Beefmo

yeah well I record my stuff with a 3 EUR mic at home so ...

thx for the link, interesting read, btw I use Reaper
Yeah, definitely feelin' the classical metal vibe. The riffs are all good, I love the 'swagger' they've got. The guitar tone does have a lot of mid though without much bass, which might be why Beefmo said it hurts - mid is very fatiguing on the ears! That probably is mostly to do with your mic though... If you have a few euros to spare I'd suggest looking at getting an SM57, decent quality mic for a reasonable price, especially if you can find one used. They're durable too, so you don't need to worry about dropping them and stuff too much.

Back to the song, the playing's good and tight, so good work there, is there any bass guitar? If not, I'd look at using a synth of some sort, I just run MIDI bass guitar through POD Farm at the moment, gets a cool sound.

Overall, good work, it's a cool song with loads of metal swagger. Ooh, and cheers for the comment on mine!
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