I've been playing electric guitar for 3 years and acoustic for 9 years (acoustic was on-off and inconsistent) so it's fair to say that I'm an amateur guitarist, definitely beyond beginner I hope. So I'm looking for a half decent guitar. I've been looking online and found the Epiphone les paul which looks quite good at about £250 - that's the sort of price range I'm thinking of (or cheaper).

Firstly, is this guitar any good to your knowledge?
Secondly, can anyone recommend any other guitars at a similar sort of price.

I play mostly Punk and Rock along with some Ska and Metal on occasion if that helps.

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its alright for that price if you go used you can get some good deals
also look at ex demo gear or sales
it seems you live in the UK
so check out fairdeal music (it's in birmingham but they deliver)
the online website has some really good deals
i got my ibanez sas 32exfm reduced from £380 to £280 and it had no damage or blemishes
at the price your buying not many guitars have great pickups some of quite good hardware but you should really just play things that you think look nice and see how they sound or feel
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TC Ellis Les Paul Series 2 is by far the best copy Les Paul around and its £299 with a hard case. It has proper mahogany body and neck (not Luan) a proper Maple cap (not veneer), has Ebony fretboard (like a Gibson Custom) and will be set up as well as any Gibson.
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^Do you have a link to the Series 2?
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Do you have an amp, and what guitar do you have now?

I have a Marshall X18708 so I have the power. My guitar is a Yamaha Pacifica 012.

Also I was wondering if the Epiphone SG is also any good?