So yeah the other day my mummy dropped it, on its back.
It used to have one very small fracture crack on one side of the neck joint, now it has a crack both sides and one is wrapping right around to the middle of the back of the joint.
Also i tried to play it today and the e/a/d strings has like NO sustain, nearly snapped it myself it was so frustrating.

So im planning to fix it myself(i dont want to spend nearly as much i spent on it on a neck repair)
I've heard that numerous different glues are best/good for the job, mostly people recommend titebond original.
Ill try and get up some pics for everyone to see of the cracks.

Anyone familiar with re setting a set neck?
My main problem is taking the neck out, i've heard a heat gun works really well?
But im unsure how to use it correctly so i dont ruined the finish.

Really pissed me off aswell as i just bought new pups for it, new roller saddles and a tusq nut.

So yeah cheers for any help anyone can give me.
1. Get the strings off it. NOW! The tension is only making it worse.
2. Take pictures.
3. Be prepared to meticulously follow directions, or take it to a pro, or part with it.
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