Me and some friends have just started playing in a band and the songs we are playing goes in C-tuning. The problem is that now I have a lot of fret buzz and I need to buy new strings coz my current strings are really old >.<'

Since I'm a total newbie when it comes to strings I wonder what kind of strings and what size I should have. I would like to have as thick strings as possible to get heavy sound, but I don't really know how thick because it probably will get hard to play with...
GHS do some strings with a 115 low 'E' that I use for C#. I would recommend those
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5string bass set would be perfect, since a heavy "E" string would compensate for the tension lost without the G string. And be sure to ajust your bridge saddle height and truss rod.
You don't need a Low B set to play C standard, a thicker regular set will do it fine.
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Heavy gauges do wonders for tunings lower than standard.
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ernie ball strings work and sound great with all tunings
use gauges 50-105