Hey UG, new to this forum, i am just after some advice.

I am currently in the process of buying a new guitar in the very near future, and have narrowed it down to two possible choices, an EC1000 in cherry, or an MH1000nt.

The main thing that is affecting me making my final decision is that im not sure whether to go with EMG's or Duncan's, and im not sure how each handle drop tunings.

I have played both, and they are both extremely comfortable. Im not sure how they handle drop tunings though. I play alot of hardcore / metal, lead aswell, down as far as b (parkway drive, i killed the prom queen, architects, bring me the horizon etc...) so i want something that can handle heavy strings without sacrificing a terrible amount of action, i generally play 10-56.

And as for the pickups, do the duncan's sound as good with alot of gain and have as much attack as the emgs do? I would prefer to go with the duncan's though because if i want to do some cleans later on down the track and expand my horizons as they are currently paper thin they would come in handy, but hey, i just want some opinions from people that have had experience with these two guitars. When i tried these guitars, it was on a pretty lame low end amp and it was difficult to notice any nuances between the two.

I am open to other suggestions, just no floating bridges, through or stop tail only. Money isn't really too much of an issue, just nothing over 1500 au (live in australia, although will most likely be buying from the States and shipping. Considerably cheaper). I want something that will last and can handle being thrashed around a little bit on stage.

sorry for the essay .
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Definitely the duncans. Much more versatile, doesn't get muddy if dropped tunings, and just overall a good guitar. The EC-1000 is overrated anyway.
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