I don't think anyone will remember me from before (but if you do, good memory.. It's been forever....), so I'll just get to the point and avoid any formalities.

This is my first piece in a while. I think you can tell.. It's not good quality (to me), so tell me what I need to work on to get it quality (please :] ).

If you leave a link I'll get check it out. :]

Oh, and... Just looking through a few recent threads there seems to be a trend.... Not every piece is meant to be put to music. This happens to be one of those.

Oh god,
here I am again,

It's been months,
or perhaps a year or more,
since I've written you a letter,
and I want to apologize
but honestly,
if I started to speak
I'd end up shouting

Fuck you,
and fuck me too,
Because this life we live is
Not what either of us wants or needs
and it's definitely not what she needs,
so fuck us both for being selfish motherfuckers


I didn't use to cuss,
I didn't use to think these thoughts.
Honor, dignity, pride...
Who really cares about virtue anymore?
I don't,
or, at least, I don't think I do.
You do,
But I don't, do I?

I've spent the last two years messed up
Just to hide away from life,
I've spent the last two years
In a clusterfuck of shit,
I've spent the last two motherfucking years
Fucking scared for my life
Because I couldn't
I couldn't even fucking masturbate
without thinking I was doing it wrong,

But, I digress...
This letter is for you, not me,
I don't usually like to bump my stuff..
But I'm trying to break a long long writer block, so I'm really looking for input on how to shape it up, etc.

So, please, give some opinions. :]