I use to tune my guitar pretty high pitched - not to the point where the string snaps, but it was way too hard for me to perform bar chords.
A couple days ago i tuned it down to the lowest pitch (each string which helped me a lot to do bar chords) but i noticed when i pressed down just a tad the string im playing on would go out off tune, and just screw me up while im playing.
So my quesiton is how many octaves are there before the string would snap?I'm thinking two :s

edit- also i'm wondering if it's my guitar (i bough it at a pawnshop.) Barring chords was always a painful task. When i played my friends guitar, omg, it was so easy. Barring chords on his guitar was amazingly easy. Also, while my guitar is tuned down it sounds rustic (which i don't mind, it sounds nice, actually.)
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Is there a specific tune for which im talking about, also? > < im self taught so i wouldn't know :S (the lowest pitch)
Depends on the strings and how old they are. They're meant to be tuned a specific way, like standard tuning so I suggest sticking with that and its small variations.
Just stick with standard tuning for now. Master that, then move on to different tunings.
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