Hi! Kinda new on this forum, been reading it for a while, and finally got myself into posting! Anyways! Here's my new Marshall JVM 205h. I ordered it in june , and it arrived last week (FFFUUUUUU, Marshall!!!). I sat one and a half hour playing it nonstop. The clean is GEORGEUS, the OD is good, and the distortion is !

Unfortunately, I dont have a cab ATM, but Im in contact with a guy who might sell his Mesa Rectifier 2x12, well se what happens. I payed ca. $ 1850 for it, witch (how do you spell that?) really isn't that much considering a Mesa Dual Rectifier is about 4000 $ over here (Norway).

Im not very good with the camera yet, actually the camera isn't mine.

I could get more pics if you want?

Favourite setting so far is OD Orange gain at 5, treble at 5, middle at 7, bass at 4, prescence at 3 and resonance at 7 with a greenbacked Marshall 4x12. Instant Underoath tone! I love it!
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Sweet HNAD!

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you sir, have just won for this statement. =D

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hnap! just needs bigger pictures hah
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HNAD! Don't you just hate it when you get a new amp and you have no cab to play it through
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Hello, I'm from Norway too (I write english here so everyone can understand). Were did you buy this?
I do indeed! I probably won't be able to play it until next friday, which is a gig... Oh, i cant wait!

Fer brewtal deafmetlulz, it does the job methinks... Im no brewtalist, so idk, really...

Edit: YEEAAHHH IM NOT ALONE! Lillestrøm musikksenter... Hvis du veit hvor det er!
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Sweet! HNAD! too bad you don't have a cab yet...
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You've been waiting since... JUNE!?!?! Holy ****!

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Thanks everyone! Yeah, I know, but I i have had no reason to rush with it. It's my baby now!

Moar pr0n for you. Anyone got a tip of what exactly to take pictures of? The whole rig, or any things that would look cool? I suck at taking photos


Black (WTF?) JVM

Mah rig so far

Edit: click on the pics, theyll grow huge! :O
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