Sorry i'm unaware about effects and stuff and i was just wondering how do i get to know about effects...?,, how to combine them up so that i could come up with the conclusion i want,, i guess first of all i have to know about each effect separetly....

well i just bought a digitech Rp80 multi-sound processor..


i think i knew most of the effects that are included in that device but i'm still wondering what is the compressor and what does it do .. ???
Try this site. Here is one article and there are many, many more. Just type in what you are looking for and it's there. Pentatonic scales, How to set up multi effects, how to buy multi effects, amps what ever you are interested in.

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the compressor is an effect that smooths out your tone so you don't have that many loud peaks, and it improves your sustain, as the lower volumes are turned up a bit...

so it improves your sustain, to sum it up... Compression is actually mostly used in funk playing and stuff like that
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Read this!You know you really want to...

Easiest way to learn? Lurk around this forum. Check the various FX related threads. It's amazing how much you really pick up.

Other than that. Just fiddle with your MFX processor. You'll get to learn what you like what you don't like and in what combinations. Just bear in mind that they might not be the best representations of said effects so if there's one you kind of like but you aren't sure about try a decent stompbox version of it and see what you think then.
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