When does the pit like to do their christmas prezzie shopping for me i always go on the 12th and iy usually take all day
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I got it all sorted out yesterday, and wrapped them all too.

Cons: Am currently broke.
Pros: Not as huge crowds, bigger variety of stuff to buy.
wen i ask they say that they fall into the habit smhw ........but nyways i think there is a connection smwhere. Now i being a teetollar will not give into this habit nyhw

My sister usually does the shopping.

I'm not the shopping kind of guy.
For me I usually do it just before breaking up for the holidays. Though that hasn't worked out last year because i'm unemployed. So I did some of it the Sunday before last and i'm going to finish it up this week (hopefully). Only need to buy for 3 more people so it shouldn't take too long.
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Whenever the shops start to bring out their cards and wrapping paper, I may get some stuff.
I don't shop..
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Been a bit tied up this week, might get some next week, i've already got a few ideas on what to get my nan, mum and a few friends, but not sure on what to get for my dad and brother, i was gonna get my bro a bass for his birthday but kept putting it off, but i think i will get it as a christmas/late birthday present for him.

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I got it all sorted out yesterday, and wrapped them all too.

Cons: Am currently broke.
Pros: Not as huge crowds, bigger variety of stuff to buy.

What are you smoking? Not huge crowds on Black Friday?

EDIT: Realized you're from Bristol, and now it makes sense. It just sounded completely retarded in my American mind.
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Fact: 55% of people do their christmas shopping the day after thanksgiving. The other 45% are men.
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i have all mine done and wrapped. there are a few which are in transit and i am waiting for them to be delivered but its all done
beauty of being right in the centre i can do in and get things at any time.
i started back in october. basically brought a set amount of things each month so i wouldnt have to buy everything at once and end up broke.
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I don't have enough money for that, and I'm awful at picking presents.
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