I've got a crate v30 amp that i run through a fender deluxe 112 extension cabinet. Is it possible to make it sound more twangy? I've played several teles through it and it just doesn't have the sound i'm looking for. I don't know how to work on them so i'll prob take it to a shop to have it changed if it can be done
i tried that, it still doesn't have the sound i'm looking for. it might be the closed back cabinet i'm using.
^ that's something you should look into. If yours has a removable back, try taking it off. For country twang, the typical setup would be using a tele with on a fenderish amp with an open back cab.
i think its removable. The plug in is located in the back, but i could probably work something out. I have a peavey with an open back that has great country tone. The bottom end sounds tighter and more defined that the crate amp, which is kinda blah