Hey guys, I've decided to0 start learning about modding amps and building pedals, etc. and since I've never done it before I might as well start on my Frontman 15, since it's a piece of junk anyway. Is there anything inside that is dangerous that I should be aware of, such as large capacitors, and also any tips or suggestions on making modifications. Any help is appreciated.

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I don't really know alot about amps, but I'd start with some pedals first to get your feet wet since they're simpler. you might wanta put together a little kit or something first.
Yeah I would agree, start with like a build your own pedal build to learn how to solder and stuff. I'm not really sure what kind of mods you can do on your frontman but you could start by opening it up and just looking whats inside and how they connect together. Just make sure you don't have it plugged in when you do it....