Hi, I have a Fender Strat (well, I don't have it yet, it's in the garage and I have to wait until Christrmas) and I need help choosing an amp so that my parents don't get it completely wrong. The sort of music that I will be learning to play is pop/punk stuff like All Time Low, You Me At Six, Fall Out Boy etc but also music by Muse, Franz Ferdinand, Bloc Party, Arctic Monkeys and maybe Linkin Park and Flyleaf... so quite a wide range of music really. Basically, I like rock-based music that veers off in all sorts of directions, from indie to slightly metalish stuff.

I have also have a tight budget... no more than £300 I don't think, but I should be able to persuade my parents to go a little bit over if I have to.

Finally, I will only be playing at home - or if I play to an audience, it definitely won't be to more than 50 people.

So, taking all of that into account, what is the best amp for me?

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Something less than 30W power, preferably with a headphones jack. One 12" or 10" speaker. Look for features like reverb, two channel swiching with overdrive capabilitiies. Need not be 100% tube on a budget but go for a hybrid as a minimum if you can. This opens up a ton of manufacturers as choices. To be honest, there's no need to go nuts here and your budget so do fine as long as you don't try and get a 100W amp or something similarly foolish.
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Laney LC15 and an overdrive pedal.
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you should be able to pickup a valveking 112 used.
I used to have one, pretty good amps, speakers aren't really what they should be though, but this can be fixed.
If it doesn't have to be tube you should look into some kind of modeling amp.
Peavey has the vyper, vox has some nice one's to.
Do you live near a big guitar-center or a big gearshop?
Three Words. Marshall Class Five.

I've played it twice in the last month or so and the only micro tube (<15 W) that I would stack up against it is the Vox Night Train. Its going to be great for what you listed. Headphone jack, 5 watts of all Tube power, combo sized, and have a nice British marshall Class tone. Now, everyone may hate on the micro Marshalls, but make your own mind up. Most of the sounds that you listed can be achieved with a JCM 800/900, and if you can get you hands on one of those 1X12 or 2X12 combos for that price I say jump on it. But the class five should do you fine.
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I Play most of that music and use a marshall valvestate. Mostly for the clean channel. and i use effects seperately. the distortion is veryyy nice and it should suit you pretty well. stay away from the lower wattage MG series like the 10-15 watt. Pick a 30+watt amp and itll suit you for a while. and as mentioned above. built in effects are big. and Line 6 is the KING of built in effects. and they are of excellent value.