Hey Guys

I need to buy a set of humbucking pickups. I have a budget of about £100. I'd like to get them quickly so yeah..offer up

I play pop-punk, because that's how cool I am. You know, Blink 182, Green Day, Sum 41. However, they need to be versatile as I also play progressive; Genesis, Yes, Dream Theater.
Hmm, well the wiring kind of has to go with them as the EMGs have different pots and someone else may correct me on this but you won't be able to use your normal pots or even jack with them.
I am asking 100 for them, which will include postage.
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fair play, is it 2 tone 2 volume? are they 4-conductor?

EMGs dont work like that (4C), you need coil-tappable EMGS to coil tap them. You also need a stereo jack and lower resistance (25/50K) pots
Thanks for that, I know nothing of these technical things.
PM me if you're interested