Bad idea repeating that boring rhythm at the start twice. Piece is boring, repetitive, plain. Use more notes, different time values. The song, in my opinion, didn't head very far.
The rythym in the beginning has a flanger on it which is hard to recreate in gp so it sounds worlds better on real guitar, what do you mean by use more notes? And also it might not be so repetitive with lyrics sung in front of it...i never said this was an instrumental
Yea, that was really slow and boring. Sorry. Kinda what zezikaro said.
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when a few people say a piece sucks and they give clear, logical sensible reasons then your piece problem sucks dude.
Boring over all, a few good riffs and leads parts. drums would do it the world of good
This is actually the first time I've given out any sort of criticism so here goes...

Overall it's alright, a bit boring. Midi really doesn't do justice to some things which is the problem with this but eh. Kind of an unavoidable problem.
One of the biggest things is this peice could use some bulking up by adding drums and bass, like the other guy said, it would do this one an absolute world of good.

One of the strengths is the solo though, then again I'm not one for writing solos...