how much does it it cost (US$) to get a new fretboard faceted onto an existing neck?
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get a new neck trust me.
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get a new neck trust me.

i will, if you could explain...
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"No thanks! I/m already hooked on Fonicks!"

Ya a new neck is best, ive never heard of just replacing the fretboard before.
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i will, if you could explain...

explain what? go to the music store and buy a new neck...not that complicated...
just wondering WHY it is a better decision to get an entirely new neck. ive got a PRS SE Custom and its not a bolt on.
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You will likely spend almost as much on a new fretboard and having it attached as you would on a new neck. Not sure that I would sink that type of money on modifying an SE, but that's just me...
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i have a rosewood neck and i want ebony for more attack and sustain. i also want custom inlays.
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It doesn't change much.

Inlays are possible - though expensive, a luthier could do it for you.
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thank you very much for your input, it sounds like i should value your opinion.

i suppose my motives are not exactly about tone, just looking for something new.

but damn, $800? what about for a new neck entirely? like i said its not a bolt on.
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For a new neck, it would be probably $200-300. Just make sure you get one with the right scale length and neck pocket.

EDIT: Wow, in the post above, I thought you said it was a bolt on. :/ My bad.
Well, removing the neck will be just as difficult as removing the fretboard, so I say get a new fretboard.
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As its a set neck a neck swap inst really an option. Fret boards can be replaced. Ive sweated em off before and glued on new ones. But its not a cheap job if your gonna pay to have it done. And inlay work would only add considerably to the expense. Its alot of trouble and money for very little in return. Its not gonna really be a different guitar with an ebony board vs rosewood.
To have a new neck put in by someone else would be even more expensive. I've seen people just un set the neck only from 500-1000$
Factor in the new neck, etc, it's costly.

People saying to just replace the neck must not realize you said set neck. It's a tedious, time consuming ordeal that is more luck then anything.

I'd vote new fretboard in this case, only because it's a set neck. If it was bolt on, then yea, replace the entire neck.
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i vote get a completely new guitar. the amount of money you would spend on a job like this, whether it be a fretboard or a neck would be enough to purchase a much better and new guitar that already has an ebony board and intricate inlays.

so save up some money and buy a new axe!
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