Yet another guitar I have for sale.
Quitting bands & unemployment means I dont need 8 anymore.
So I'm having to sell most of them.
My loss will be your gain.

This time its a Peavey Wolfgang Special in Amber.
Anyone thats ever played a Wolfy knows that they kick arse!
Playability & that classic EVH tone!
This thing really has got more balls than it should

Anyway I'm looking for about £300 posted for this or £280 collected from Nottingham.
For trades? Absolutely anything that I can sell. I'm not really that picky.
Prices are negotiable so send me a pm or something to sort stuff out!

Time for pictures xD
Full guitar..
Tiny paint chip (not wood)
(note guitar also has a tiny paint chip on the bottom (back) of guitar halfway between input jack & strap button, will get better pictures during the week)