ok when i first started to sing i was awful but i sing everyday now and along with my favorite songs. But anyways i still think i suck but i really enjoy singing. So if you can spare the time please can you listen to one of my songs and tell me what you think of my voice or how i can improve. Don't kill meh

Original Songs *Wings*
ya its solid, i cant really critique it because i cant sing myself but it sounded fine to me
pretty solid for the most part, vibrato seems a little strained though - sounds like you lose a bit of power on the longer notes.

some great lyrics and melodies in there though.
Sounds good to me. Keep doing what you're doing man.
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you're pretty good

Can't really think of anything. But then again, I ain't exactly Robert Plant myself.
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I like the character of your voice. It has a very honest and intimate quality that suits the song well.

That said, you are singing directly from your throat, and one of the many related consequences of that is a lack of resonance.

You need to get the voice out of your throat and move it towards the front of your mouth where it can project off the hard palate. This will also provide you with more strength in your voice.

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