hey, ibeen doing scales latley and all that fun stuff. I can breathe with my diaphram effortlessly, but now im trying to take on singing inkey. Im doing it right, play a note on my keyboard and match my voice to note being played. I know im doing it right because you can hear it and feel it so to say.

So my questions are.

-I been doing this exersize by singing NAAY. Is it beneficial if I sing vowels instead? What are they? DO DE RA MA SO?

-Does this exersize DIRECTLY assist me to sing in key? I still don't see how that directly helps me when I sing Hollywoods not America or Paradise city for example.

Any other things I should know about this exercise?
-PV14 Mixer
-Crown XTI 1000 Amp
-Two PR15 mains
-Shure SM58
-Dbx compressor/gate