Are you seriously asking this question? I hate to sound like a dick, but the nps count means nothing in music, even shred. It's all based on how you hear it.
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more than a 2 fret bend but less than tremelo picking?
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more than a 2 fret bend but less than tremelo picking?

I would say like 8 notes per second?
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shred is in the eye of the beholder

well, kirk's solo isnt THAT fast

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Well in the 'Fastest Guitarists Thread' in the 80's Shred and Progressive section of the Bands and Artists, the minimum is 14nps.
Shred is more about density than linear speed. Shredders tend to play MANY notes, whether it's fast or slow. BB King is therefore not shred. Neither is The Edge.

John Petrucci's "Glasgow Kiss" is at a lively pace, but most of it isn't insanely fast. It does contain a lot of notes.
most guitarist cant do past 12, the record is 23 tho last I herd, Its hard to count how many notes a second you play, and that doesnt really mean your are shred if you are just playing alot of notes, they have to be in scales and stuff
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