Ok, to start, thats not my kind of music, but whatever.
I have to say, the singing is very very good. Don't have a problem with it. I probably woulda went in a different direction with the guitars, but that might just be me. Everything else is pretty good. Id say 4.75/5. I really do like the singing though
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Hey dude, first off, good vocal style, it's original and I like it. And I think the guitars are good how they are, but I don't like the keyboard/synth, I wouldn't personally use those, but that is just opinion, you got a good chorus there, and the rapping style during the verses are nice, though a different voice for that part would be nice, in the sense of voicing, so maybe another person, but it's good though.

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first off, i think that your 3rd song on your myspace is your strongest. i, at least, enjoyed it the most.

first song-
when everything first comes it, it does so nicely. it really fills in all the holes.
one thing i would personally change is how loud the lead guitar is before the verses.
also, i'm not a fan of the verses. the guitar comes in roughly, and i'm just not feeling the vocals (in the first section). but that's just preference.

second song- the intro is kind of cheesy, but i like it. i actually like the vocals in this song, but the guitar isn't distinct enough in my opinion, and it's a little rough.
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Rock the masses: Good intro, everything suits well. You have used effects and different parts in the song together in a very interesting way too. Its a little scary too... =)
but there is alot of stuff going on the whole time, and everything doesnt fit with each other all the time. and the rock the masses chorus, should be stronger vocal vice. its a little quiet and weak imo but keep it up mate!

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Your drums and lead sound kind of thin; I would turn them up a little. I like your lyrics alot but Im not a fan of your singing technique - your'e definitely on key but you don't seem to be projecting much (diaphragm). If you want them to have that spacey doom sound you could sing them normally and put some flange on them + take out the lows and turn them down in the mix, IMO it would sound alot better. The spoken word parts sound good. Your rhythm tone is nice and massive as well.

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