hi. so im looking for a better electric guitar to play but idk where to start or what would be right for me.

right now i have a acoustic ibanez that is just great. the electric i have now is one of those fender strats that come in a starter set kit you get at the local music shop.

the electric is not really me. it feels small to me and doesnt feel right, especially when im trying to play rock music and such.

also, im kind of a big guy (6'2, 200lbs) so if that helps in ur suggestions. i kinda would like a guitar that would fit me overall.

so any suggestions on a guitar to look at?
well i dont want to spend like $1000 on a guitar (im a college student after all) but maybe $400 to $500 max maybe. i mean i could sell the electric and get about 100-150 from it to help.

what is a holowbody guitar? and what are the prices that ibanez and epiphone offer on these types of guitars?

is there any other guitars you can suggest?
im a lil bigger than you and i have a Les paul and i feel like its not that small.
id look into an epiphone les paul or an ibanez rg with 24 frets shouldnt feel small for ya...look for the rg321 for 300.
yeah. i played a little on a les paul and it felt alright but not perfect.

yeah i did see some good ibanez guitars. ill def check them out. thanks.
Which amp do you have?

Which music style do you play?

How long have you been playing?

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i have a little small squire amp but i want to get a bigger one later on.

i like rock, metal, alternative mostly. i dont like country that much; i play that on acoustic.

ive been playing for about 4-5 years now. i play for a while then put it down for a while. im pretty good but no pro.

i just dont like the strat i have. not very comfortable on the top frets and it doesnt sound good.

is there anything else i can answer to help with ur suggestions?
whats the difference in sound between a solid body electric and a hollow body?