So I've got the choice of either a used fender squire tele, used for 120, or this, http://www.rondomusic.com/stl503ts.html
I've heard very good things about both and their the same price, which should i get? Note, i plan on putting duncan hot rails on whichever i get, so stock pickups don't matter as much.
why not get an epiphone hollowbody or sg if you're putting in the hot rails?
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true, initial thoughts instantly direct me to the squire, but I've heard that these cheap ass guitars are better than some MIMs, so im kinda distraught, lol.
dont know if its just me but that headstock looks weird
just test them out and see if they feel right
Might as well quote myself from that other thread:
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Buy a Xaviere semi hollow tele with P90 pups. I love mine, and in the right hands with the right amp and effects, it can be made to sound like god having sweet lesbian sex with Angelina Jolie. +2

The only place that sells it is guitarfetish.com though, but it's only around 200$ so you still have a lot of money left over for random shit to upgrade it although, stock, it's still amazing.