I want to know about potting my pickups. a) how hard is it to do? b) would it be easier to get it done by a professional? and c) how much does it cost for either?
Dead easy, probably hardest thing is sourcing beeswax at decent price. I suggest going directly if possible to a local apiarist . Melt it along with parafin wax (i.e. common hard candle wax) I can't remember the ratio, and immerse Pups for 15 minutes or so. Be careful not to overheat the wax, although I haven''t used it I'd suggest maybe a double boiler arrangement so the temperature won't go above 120 C? When I did mine I let it get a little hot, and the wax darkened its yellow colour, staining the wooden bobbins I was using. Too high a temperature can also damage plastic parts and insulation, but it's not difficult to keep the wax liquid and keep an eye on things without requiring a specialist thermometer etc.
Plenty of information is available through your favorite search engine.

Edit: oh, for safety reasons and DON'T leave the hot wax unattended.
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He doesnt really say how long to leave the pups in there, but I think the way Bare Knuckles do it is to heat up the wax and just leave the pups in there until no more bubbles appear.

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