I'm upgrading my 'rig' this Christmas and wanted to know a few things.
I currently own that crappy squier strat package. Which means I am in desperate need of a new amp. and a new guitar.

I thought about spending all $650 on a guitar, and then later saving up to buy an amp(might take a while).
Or buying a Spider III(dont attack me for this, please), a goth explorer, and an emg 85 for the bridge.
Guitars to choose from would either be the Epiphone Prophecy EX or the LTD EC-401 in Faded Cherry Sunburst. I normally like Epiphone/Gibson guitar styles, and play a lot of metal(In Flames, Pantera, Buckethead, Carcass, and some Coheed and Cambria) so I need a guitar suited for metal, but it needs to be able to play some nice church music.

I could maybe buy a smaller tube amp or hybrid amp, if you guys know of any cheap ones

I really need help thanks guys
What you got against Squier Strats manchovies? What is your problem?
Quote by Nemm
What you got against Squier Strats manchovies? What is your problem?

What have you got against manchovies
On topic though, the Epi sounds ok but i´d really go for a new amp first if I were you. A new guitar through a crappy amp hardly makes any difference...old guitar through new amp already sounds a lot better often.
What amp would you suggest?
My 15w amp that came with it was very loud. Especially living with my parents, and being...16 ya know?

I'm looking for something with tubes in it and isn't terribly loud.
The Epiphone Valve Junior is a cool little amp, but I don´t know how it holds up with metal. If you're not necessarily looking for a tube amp, you might want to give the Roland Cubes a shot, pretty good as well, especially for its price range.
My next guitar will be coming with EMG's, or some active Seymour Duncan's so I would like to get the most out of them
Tubes are good to an extent, depends how much I'll be spending, and how much power I'll get. I don't want it to be too loud, but I don't want weak tones on low volume settings, I heard that was a problem. I mean...would the Valve Junior get good tone settings with some new tubes?