so when im learning metallica songs like one,master of puppets,fade to black,etc... and there are notes higher than 21 (my guitar only has 21 frets) is there any way to play those without getting a new guitar? ive already tried bending them up really high but its kind of hard to get 24B on a 21 fret guitar
Are they part of a fast sequence, or long sustained notes?

If they're long notes, you could play a 5th fret harmonic to get the pitch. If they're part of a sequence, play another note instead, maybe the same note an octave lower on another string.

EDIT: you could also play a harmonic directly above the polepieces of your neck pickup. That's where the 24th fret would be. The neck pickup won't pick this note up, though.
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No, get a new guitar
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What string is the note on cause you could just play it on a higher string but on a lower fret. (and I think this might be the wrong forum)
bend 21 a LONG way, idk
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wammy pedal!
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You could either play the solos and harmonies an octave down, or, you could tune up a step to F# or F (if you're in E flat) standard and drop the bottom string so that you could play the songs but have an advantage of playing the solos along with all the notes 2 frets lower.

P.S., this is the wrong forum to be asking guitar-related questions.
what forum should i put this in? because none of the forums really fit. and ive put a thread in a forum that it fit best in and i got banned and the guy that banned me told me to just put it in the pit next time
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