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Just out of curiosity and i may find some songs that i might like to play ,while im a huge ac/dc fan my favourite song to play on electric guitar has to be

Bark at the moon -Ozzy Osbourne

its just such a cool and fun song to play the speed is good and keeps you interested ,sounds good in different tunings ,and has lots of variety(not just one or 2 chords) and the solos are awesome.

so whats yours?
I quite like jamming over Fallin' by Alicia Keys at the moment.

But I suppose playing an actual song (not like soloing over and fididdle) would be Don't Look Look Back In Anger by Oasis.
Cam Sampbell's my hero
Almost any of the songs off Leviathan by Mastodon. I started learning songs off that album a little while ago and they're just really fun to play through.
It changes a lot. Right now it's:

Them Bones (Alice in Chains)
Would? (Alice in Chains)
Welcome Home (Coheed and Cambria)
Holiday in Cambodia (Dead Kennedys)
Little Sister (Queens of the Stone Age)

Haha, I just realized that most of those were on Guitar Hero or Rock Band at some point... I don't even own Guitar Hero or Rock Band, so no I'm not a poser who only plays songs from games.
I like playing Immigrant Song by Led Zep (especially improving a solo) or Mama kin by Aerosmith.
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A really fun song for me to play is Woo Hoo by the's......
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Im realy into playing get out of my yard by paul gilbert right now. Last week it was blindfolds aside by protest
Right now, The God That Failed.

Absolutely awesome song.
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Right now, The God That Failed.

Absolutely awesome song.

That is one of my favorites, the solo is really fun.

But ATM the songs i've been playing are

This Calling (All that remains)
Six (all that remains)
fade to black (metallica)
Canon rock(the one thats on youtube, funtwo style.... yes i know, but really fun)

I usually olay a lot of metallica though
I don't really have a "favorite" right now, as I'm working on my sweep picking, but I'm learning the solo to Mea Culpa by The Human Abstract which is going to be insanely fun once I nail sweep picking.

So I guess, for songs I can completely play:

An American Dream by August Burns Red
Since I Don't Have You by Guns N' Roses, gotta love the doo-wop influence =D
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chop suey, system of a down
or the intro to trains, by porcupine tree.
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the solo for highway star
its fun and fast
for improve i play over since i been loving you
Sweet Child 'o Mine. Play it everytime I pick up the guitar

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lately it's been pj harvey's to bring you my love that makes me plug the electric in instead of just bashing on the acoustic
XENOCHRIST!!! By The Faceless, song is a blast.. keeps you pushed to the limit the whole time, the song is so hard haha.
Mostly I tinker around, or play stuff I've written, or make random riffs and build off them.

If its has to be a song it'd be Welcome Home by Coheed and Cambria...probably one of the few songs I know from start to finish, with parts from both lead and rhythm
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I have gone through the information and its really good one... its new for me...
Thanks for sharing the post..
I like Black Dog by Zeppelin just because that's the only scale I know well enough to solo with so I can solo over most of the song.
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I've been playing the songs from the Stone Temple Pilots' "Core" album A LOT lately.
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I like Black Dog by Zeppelin just because that's the only scale I know well enough to solo with so I can solo over most of the song.

If you can solo over black dog you can solo over every rock and blues song ever written
anything by blink 182 (dumpweed, dammit, carousel) so simple and helps me learn beginning theory

dogs can grow beards all over and reptar, king of the ozone by devil wears prada
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A really fun song for me to play is Woo Hoo by the's......

I love playing that song too.

My favorite song to play ever is probably say it ain't so.
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Pride and joy or Texas flood by Srv. I love that they are mostly improvised and its a lot of fun.

Or maybe whole lotta love by zep the solo in the middle is fun
*lust list*
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Haunted by Disturbed. It's really simple, but with my new Ibanez Weeping demon, its really fun to play
nirvana-smells like teen spirit...cliche, yes but its so much fun to just put on distrotion and strum some power chords
Hysteria by Muse
Don't Look Back In Anger

I might not play them very well, but I have fun playin' 'em.
I'm about halfway into Polaris by The Human Abstract. Very fun song in DGCFAD. Other than that, Mutiny, by parkway drive.

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Haunted by Disturbed. It's really simple, but with my new Ibanez Weeping demon, its really fun to play

The WD7 is an amazing pedal. A bit over the top at times, but alot of fun to work with.
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At the moment, Paramore's Misery Business. It's not my favourite song of theirs but it's very fun to play, uses some unusual chords but there's nothing physically straining, just a simple, decent tune. Green Day's Redundant and Foo Fighter's Best Of You are two others that are good to simple plug straight into the amp and burst out without having to do much thinking. The most funs songs are always the simple ones.
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Blood and Thunder- Mastodon
For Whom the Bell Tolls- Metallica
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