I've been working on this song for some hours now. I think it's pretty spastic. It sounds kinda like a mixture of Spawn of Possession and Necrophagist - maybe a bit of Nile too. I guess there's nothing else to say - check it out!
Awesome name.. Techwank 2 xD!
Mmh.. Intro sounds like just random instruments playing just something random xD.
No sense :S. Second parts sounds like pretty good. Nice bass break at bar 18!
Don't like 29-36.. :S!
Riff after it is pretty good, I like this one! Nice lead on 60-67, 68 bad riff starts again..

Well song is pretty short and it repeats it self very much, add soloes and new riffs, also make them clearer.
Sick dude, def. reminds me of Necro.

I don't know why but that intro riff is so delicious, I can't get it out of my head.

Bar 10 is freakin amazing too, great transition from the intro riff.

Bar 19 good riff on its own though for this genre, this was my least fav. riff but as said before its still pretty good.

Bar 28, perfect transition.

Bar 41 **** YEA hahaha, <3 that double bass = jizz pants

Good job one the 5/4 riff, usually 5/4 is a tricky one to use for 8th notes (@ that tempo) but you pulled it off w/o a hitch, like the evil harmonization too.

Bar 60 is brilliant and so is 64, you mesh it all together to make an excellent cacophony effect but keeping it melodic at the same time (difficult to explain), the backing rhythm has a middle eastern flair to it, ****ing love it.

Great effort, I liked each and every riff in this song which is a first.

9/10 only b/c you didn't have an epic necro style solo, which I was totally expecting =(
"Our revenge so everlasting sweet,
Enslave your Children, Behead the weak,
Kill every last Man, Woman and Machine
The cleansing has begun.
Your meek defense is foolish,
we come from the stars a trillion strong."
That was really good. You have some awesome talent with writing some really awesome riffs that are actually sort of sticking in my mind as I type this, haha.

Great usage of time signatures too. Overall I have no major complaints.