I don't expect to get many replies in here but here goes...Anything country related would be appreciated, for example, books, DVDs, tabs, guitar Pro, licks, video lessons, etc.
However I am mostly interested in country lead guitar so post ur country licks here and explain what key the lick is played in and over which chord. I will try to post some licks later (the few that i know) but i wanted to get this started and hopefully learn some new country licks. Thank You!
Well, the easiest way to get into "country" mode is to solo using the pentatonic scale in the 6th of the key the song is in.

EG: If the song is in A, instead of soloing in the pentatonic scale starting on the 5th fret on the E string, solo starting on the second fret, being F# or the sixth note of a major scale starting in A.

The major and minor pentatonic scales are basically the same, with a couple notes difference that you will quickly figure out. The hardest thing I find about *hot* country guitar is the phrasing and the combining of the major and minor scales. A lot of country players "play over the chords", meaning whatever chord is being played, thats the key they solo in. Its pretty cool.