This is a poem that I wrote a while back... I was looking through my old stuff and found it and wondered what others might think of it.

It's called pain reflected.

I still love you,
Even though
You shattered
The broken pieces
Of my heart.
Each piece
Like a tiny
This pain
My entire self.
Each one,
A reminder
That you are gone.
That you never cared.
My soul
Is clouded over.
A heartaching
Has descended over me.
It's everywhere.
Knows Everything.
Constantly Causing pain.
All over this,
Did you
Spare a thought
On how I would
How I would
My life
Has been rained on before.
Now I feel
Double the pain.
I feel
So small.
So unimportant.
A broken,
Or nothingness.
With nothing left.

Hope you liked it. I'll put some more stuff up soon.
thanks insanity_101 and yeah it was about something personal but it was a while back now so....

glad you liked it xx
As said above, I can totally relate. I liked the blunt and quick manner in which it was presented. It seemed to be moving quickly away from me, if you know what I mean. Some of the lines were a bit cliche and it's not my personal style, but I enjoyed it none the less.

Oh and I thought the piece was titled "Rain Reflected". I personally prefer that to the current title. I'm not sure why. Just my opinion.
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Thank you acoustic_jeans, I'm glad you liked the piece & were able to relate, it's good to know that I'm able to get people to relate with my proetry.

Also, thanks D&DLover, I know some of the lines were a bit cliche, but none the less I'm glad you enjoyed it. Also thanks for the alternate title idea, I've been thinking about different options for the title lately, 'cos I've been a bit unsure anout 'Pain Reflected' and I quite like 'Rain Reflected' too so thanks.