Hey all,

So, for my 2nd guitar I'm thinking about a highway one HSS american telecaster. I can save 100 bucks by buying it used from here: http://cgi.ebay.com/2009-Fender-American-Highway-1-FAT-Stratocaster-HSS-USA_W0QQitemZ300369386443QQcmdZViewItemQQptZGuitar?hash=item45ef691bcb

I'm concerned because he doesn't say anything about the shape--even though the pictures basically look flawless, yet perhaps they're not detailed enough.

Any thoughts?

it looks good and thats a strat by the way. I would play one before buying it though

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+Infinity. This dude knows good metal.
eek. Yeah, I meant to say Strat. I've played a few different models, including a mexican with the HSS setup and a highway 1 w/ the SSS. I'm so close to buying this thing. So close.
So I guess you didn't buy that 2005 MIA strat for $700 off Ebay?

Oh well.

I think it's worth holding out for a used Highway 1 or an MIA instead of the Made in Mexicos (MIM). That 22d fret can be useful. Also the materials will be higher quality and you have a better chance of getting a good one; especially compared to a used MIM. All the brand new MIMs I've seen lately have been fairly decent quality, but a few years ago they were big time hit and miss. The MIAs & Highway 1s were OK back then, though.

BTW, I'm sure you noticed that Highway 1s generally have that late 60s/early 70s big headstock and flat finishes. That 1 in your link is really cool w/the black pups and knobs against the white pick guard.

Good luck!
Hey, thanks Jet. The bids on the MIM roadhouse got up to around 700 and I didn't feel like fighting for it.

I'm really debating between the epiphone sound and the fender sound at the moment. It seems I can get this highway 1 fender--which has just reappeared back on ebay--for 599, or I can get a epiphone for like 450 from guitarcenter, or less if I find a used one. I'm stricken!
If you don't mind the short scale and lack of a trem, Epi makes some great guitars. They also make some junk. Their higher end are about the equivalence to Highway 1 Strats, quality-wise, but their lower end is more like a Squier Affinity. Their medium levels are similar to high-end Squiers.

At all price points, though IMHO Epi/Gibson do not meet Squier/Fender bang for the buck, at least not with Les Pauls. Maybe a little closer with the Explorers/SGs, though. I haven't been impressed with Gibson quality--both from what I've handled in stores and from the horrors stories I've heard at this site.

Also, don't rule out ESP LTD, Schecter, Jackson, & Ibanez.

I started with an MIA Strat SSS, bought a Squier Affinity as a travel guitar, and have since accumulated a Schecter Avenger & 2 Ibanez shred guitars. Each has it's own pros and cons, and I keep them in various tunings. I sure have gotten spoiled by Floyd Rose-style bridges, though. It's nice only having to tune when I change the strings... Also I've come to like 24 frets.

You may also decide you like the Fender Showmasters. 24 Fret neck, flamed or quilted carved tops, neck-through designs, Seymore Duncan humbuckers (HH), no pickguard. A local pawnshop is selling one here for about $450. Most of them are MI Korea. They stopped making new ones this year.

Good luck.

Mr. Wash, well, here's what happened.

I went to guitar center. And I tried a highway 1, and then a mexican. And then I tried an epiphone, and then I tried a studio les paul. And I really liked the long throaty sustain of the studio paul, so I found a guy selling one on craigslist--and, I bought it. I'm sorry to hear after I bought it that you've heard horror stories, but hopefully they are exceptions. Oh well.

Happy New Guitar Day!!!! (HNGD).

The biggest issues I had with the LP studios at GC was the strings kept popping out of the nut. But that was in my early days playing a lot of punk, and breaking a lot of strings. Now I only break strings when I stretch them as part of the re-stringing :-)

Even if you have problems like that, you can always get a custum nut cut.

Hope you like it; post some pics and MP-3s. I've been flirting with the idea of getting a short scale myself.