Please do not tell me to get a Vypyr, it's $400 here, and there seems to be no second hand ones available around my area. Very good amp, but it is ridiculously overpriced in New Zealand.

I have a few other choices for a practice amp.

The Vox AD15VT, which is actually one of my favourite practice amps. It's a hybrid and I love the sound, it's about $280 which is a little above my budget but I'd love to get it.

The Vox Pathfinder 10, which is only $100 and is very very nice sounding. It's not as high gain as the VT and is a solid state. :/

The Ibanez TBX15R, which is $250 and is a great little high gain amp, but people are telling me that the gain isn't so great on that thing.

I play a lot of metal (don't judge me ), but I also dabble in other genres like classic rock and alternative.

Which amp would be the best choice for me?
if you can get hold of a roland cube that might do you well, or the vox ad15vt, but the vt 15 may be better if you can get that
Out of those three, the Vox AD15VT. I'd steer away from Ibanez amps. Also, no one here is gonna judge you because you play metal. Maybe if you played jonas brothers :P


I found a used Vox AD30VT-XL which is the metal version of the Vox series, 12" speaker in it too over the 10" in the normal 30w's. I love it. It beat out the vypyr, cube and, well I didn't even try a spider, but I assume it would have been better than it as well. It can do lots of metal tones great, built in effects are good quality and it can be loud as hell.
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I've always liked the VT. I hate the Cube, by the way. I can't stand the lead tone.

What about the Pathfinder? Any experiences with those?