Anyone know anything about this bass? I'm thinking about getting it and i'm wondering if anyone's has had any problems with it. Thanks in advance
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They are meant to be pretty good. Check out the harmony central reviews
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they're great basses. having said that, try it out before you buy; you may find that its just not for you
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normally I'm not a huge fan of Schecters however I played this bass at GC one day and it wasn't bad. I'd try it if I was you.
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I just bought one used for a great price. I chose it over several other basses in the price range, just felt right to me, might not for you, however I am happy with the purchase and my next bass will most likely be a higher end stiletto based on my great experience with this one.
I have one, good bass, but as said before I wouldn't buy one of the internet, as mine had a S-Curved neck and I had to have the frets dressed and it set up again, and it still isn't ideal
I own one, I highly recommend it. I've had it for about a year now, haven't had any major problems.
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