Hey guys

I have these 2 pickups to choose from

I wanna nail the classic p90 bite and i dunno which one to choose. The vintage aparentlly has that bite but i want something fat as well like the Hot one has.

Thing i have no idea about, are the magnets. Alnico II and Alnico V ?
If anyone used these could our please help me out.

Can you afford both? The "vintage" as bridge pickup and the "hot" as neck pickup....deal?
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i just want the bridge for now as i don't have experience with Tonerider ...if i like ...sure i'll go for another pickup
but u haven't answered my question :P
Well I have the Gibson P90 Dog Ear Soap Bar Pickup with Alnico V Magnet.
I use it as neck pickup on my hollowbody guitar...it gives you a fat warm tone....but I don't have any experience with Alnico II Magnets...so I haven't any comparison between the two magnets...so obviously I can't help you out

edit: as mentioned above I use it as neck pickup on my hollowbody guitar, wich I use as a slide guitar; and the pickup fits perfectly for this style. On my regular guitar I allways use the bridge pickup (mainly for garage rock)...for this style I would prefer the "Vintage Style Pickup"
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"but i still don't know the difference between Alnico II and V"

yeah, me too, sry can't help ya; maybe someone else got experience with both magnets.
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i haven't tried either of those, but i imagine that they're going to sound fairly different, in addition to the output difference. all things being equal, alnico II sounds a lot spongier, warmer and softer than V, which sounds "rockier". V has a harder edge, but is still organic, and isn't as sterile as ceramic.
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This isn't always the case, as it depends on specifically how the pickup is wound, what your guitar is, what your amp is, what your playing style is and etc, but the Alnico II will get you closer to the original P-90 tone while a P-90 with Alnico V magnets sounds slightly more modern. I wouldn't call the Alnico V ''hotter'' nor ''fatter'' really, the difference is more in how they compress tone and react to your playing. An Alnico II magnet gives a more natural and varied response to playing dynamics while the Alnico V will compress your playing a little bit more.

If your playing is faster and more technical, I'd say go with the Alnico II for the added clarity. if your playing is more rhythm based or slower, I'd say go with the Alnico V for the more purposeful, even tone.

Though none of this matters without the right guitar and amp. With cheaper gear, you won't notice any difference between the two magnets. Unless your amp is articulate enough to make use of these subtle differences and unless your guitar is resonant enough to transfer them, you won't hear a difference.
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wow Dave an mr Flibble ..those posts were spot on. Thank your for clearing it up.

I play punk rock so its fast and i need the clarity, me beeing the only guitarist so i need to cover both rhythm and solo. Amp used is a vox ac155cc1X. The pickup will go in an Agile al2000 Goldtop. From what mrflibble said i'll prolly get the vintage one.

Thank you guys