Hey guys i'm new to guitar, as well as these forums...I'm looking to get into playing the electric guitar, and im looking into getting one...but I dont even know where to begin...I did tons of research and I feel like this is the best guitar to suit my needs


my prerequisites

<200 (including amp)

any input or help would be great
Hey cbiedess!!!

Seems like a pretty good guitar. A guitar combo pack is usually a safe bet for a first electric. Remember to make sure that you actually go to the store and try it out before you buy it. Don't let excitement and the good looks fool you. When you go to the store don't be afraid to try out the wide selection of guitars. Think about the guitar's playability and comfort. Maybe there's a better guitar out there. A good way of narrowing your options is by looking up the bands that you like and checking out the guitar brands that they prefer to use. As far as Dean goes, I tend to see metal bands using them the most.

REMEMBER, once you buy the guitar you're stuck with it so the best advice is to go to a store and check it out. ( One of my biggest regrets was buying a guitar online. )

Good Luck!
Looks good and Khoa gave some good advice. But i would say make the best decision you can at the time probability this won't be your last guitar. Get A feel have fun, and your next guitar will be prob b way better cause now u will have a better understanding. But yeah try em out I kinda regret my first guitar... but things happen lol
Looks good dude, before actually buying it check with a professional.

Then if you are satisfied go ahead & pick it up.
Well, the first thing I thought was that it'll likely prove difficult to meet those prereqs and still have decent quality equipment. One of the things about starting with electric is that its typically a MUCH more expensive endeavor than acoustic. Do you play acoustic already?

Then again, I guess cheap isnt bad if itll turn out you really don't like playing that much. Either way, I've found craigslist to be a really good resource for getting decent equipment on the cheap.

But like Khoa Do said, whatever you do, just make sure you play it first!!!
Good advice about trying them out. A guitar has to feel good as well as sound good. I would try several of the same model. Guitars have a tendacy to each have a different feel, especially the imports.

One MAJOR piece of advice no one has yet to pass on is have the guitar set up before you leave the store. This means having the store set the intonation, the action, and adjust the neck. If you go to a place like Guitar Center, the guitars are just taken out of the box and put on the rack. All new guitars need to be set up. If the place you go to say they can't set it up, take your business elsewhere. A mom and pop music store will be more apt to do the set up for free. I would advise against buying a guitar online unless you know quite a bit about guitars.
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