Great influences (Jets to Brazil, Dillinger Four)

I am not sure if every song you have up is a cover or not.

I've played in a handful of bands now and I can tell you guys are in the stage where you are getting ready for a show and want to have some recordings up.

The covers aren't that bad, kinda decent, and mad props for making the attempt at all, but I would really love to hear some original material, if in fact all the songs are covers.

That is where shit gets real you know?

I can't tell how good you guys are if I can't hear the style, understand why you guys play music.

Having said that,

Vocals are good, good as they need to be for the style of the music anyway, and you guys seem decent at your instruments. I just want some original shit.

The mix could use a little work, but you'll get the hang of it. (I've been recording music for two or three years now with what I would guess is similarly shitty quality equipment, and I am still learning.)

Glad to see another punk band out there.

Jawbreaker is sweet, Blink....not so much.

This is my punk band I started a couple of months ago, not too far from you guys, in Butler, PA.

When you guys are ready for a show, let me know, and maybe you can come to our town and play.

This is a ska band I started too.


Sent you a Friend request.
love the music but the sex pistols are proper punk lol. they smahed shit p, got into fights and song about education being bollocks lol.
Nevertheless, good band