Ok so I posted a thread about a week back wondering what amp to get and have decided to get the Bugera v55HD head. My question is I do sometimes like to play some heavier stuff such as- As I Lay Dying, TDWP, Blessthefall, Chiodos etc. Is there a good Multi-fx pedal that I could get for 1-200 dollars that I could get to get these tones?

Not sure how good it is but one I have looked at is the line 6 floor pod and floor pod plus.
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Well really if you're looking to get heavier tones your best off not looking at M-FX pedals because the distortions on them are always pretty meh.

What is it about those tones you want?
What others did you mean?

If it's just a range of distortion / OD then your money is much better off going into a decent stompbox.
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So what would be a good distortion pedal for some heavier stuff? Or would just a tubescreamer like the ts-9 get those tones?
so you think the v55 would get metal tones with somthing like a metal muff.