I never really learned the difference in the material used in the body of the guitar. I am not new to guitar, no one has taught me about the different woods to use in bodies. Whats the difference? What do you prefer? Thanks
Well I have this really cheap guitar that's made out of plywood, and I have a guitar that's made out of alder. You can really tell the difference, the plywood is kinda tinny sounding.
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The Bass FAQ also has a very good section on woods and their different tonal characteristics. Haven't read the one in GB&C myself but I suppose I'll take a look.

edit: I like the one in GB&C better.
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From what I've gathered, harder woods give you a darker sound whereas softer woods give you a brighter sound. As for fretboards, maple is the soft and therefore bright, rosewood is medium, and ebony is hard and dark-sounding. As for body woods, I know ash is soft and bright, but that's about it. I think alder is medium. I feel like mahogany (I don't know if it's used on electrics at all but it is for acoustics) is hard and dark-sounding. Not too sure about that though.
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+1. a few years ago i was researching about putting a guitar together, and after reading through that warmoth link i felt like i had a much better understanding. just skip through and stop at the woods you hear about most often. like mahogany, ash, swamp ash, maple, alder, walnut, etc. some great information on there!
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