Well I was at guitar center and felt in a Les Pauly mood, so after i played all of them, i went and played some ESP/LTD Eclipse guitars. I played them for a little bit and they felt good, but when ever i played on the high e it felt really tight, especially when I tried to bend(and they were in tune, I checked). Then I noticed that again on another one, and its been bugging me ever since, so anyone have an explanation for that? Thanks.
Was the sting a higher gauge (11s or above)? If so, and the guitar was in standard tuning, it's in my experience that it's fairly common for stings of high guage and high tension to feel tight.

Shitty answer but you get my drift (hopefully).
I would assume they were either 10's or 9's but i can easily do full bends on 11's (i've done them on my friends guitars). I didn't have any other difficulties bending the G or the B strings.
Most likely scenario: Some chud grabbed it and started hammering out drop-D metalcore riffs, busted the high e, and then an employee replaced it with a high e from a higher-guage set, perhaps a .012. I've seen it quite a few times. Most recently a cherry SG Standard. It's possible the same kid did the same on both guitars if they both had the same issue. I can assure you it isn't supposed to be that way.
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I haven't noticed that on any of the eclipses I've played, maybe it's a humidity thing with the shop.