Just got my Fender Deluxe Player’s Strat: rosewood fretboard, ash body, transparent crimson red and vintage noiseless PU’s.

My other guitar is a MIM 07 strat: rosewood fretboard and stock PU’s.

Needless to say, there is a huge difference is sound. The deluxe is very bright but very clear. I read around online about the deluxe and found many people don’t particularly like the vintage noiseless PU’s. I tested a lot of different guitars before I bought this one. I like the PU’s and the guitar. Visually, the guitar is beautiful. Although I play mostly blues—lots of SRV, I don’t mind the brightness. They’re not as gritty or dirty (for lack of better words) as I tend to prefer but I like having a different sounding strat. The push button pickup selector allowing for the use of 7 different pickup combos is great. And, I love the neck.

My other strat still gets the bulk of my abuse for now. Its already setup the way I like. I use 12-56 strings. The 9s on the deluxe feel like spaghetti. That contributes a lot to the brightness too. I still love my standard MIM. I definitely think I got one of the better standard MIMs. I’m one of the guys that show up at Guitar Center or some place and just plays a lot of guitars for fun. That being said, I actually like the stock pickups in my standard MIM. I’ll still likely change them out for some texas specials or get another MIM and put in some texas specials.

Well, that’s it. Just wanted to share.
12-56 strings !? wow, i call that abuse.
Sorryz for me bad engrish.

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yeah some mim strats can be pretty legit once you get the feel for them. i feel that way about my squier, even though i had to do lots of mods to get the sound i want
It's all about feel