Burdens plague you with every new beginning.
It leaves you restless, and your patience is thinning.
I sit here, contempt.
You will leave, not a word said.
And so I’ll take apart my head.
Piece together what’s inside.
Vivid memories are ignoring forgiveness.
Apathy is fighting with passion.
Hate is screaming at anger, waiting for a reaction.
I ignore what I see.
The time now painfully reads 7:43, but it hasn’t gone away.
There’s a door in this head of mine, but I can’t find the key.
I sit here, contempt, for what feels like days.
But the time still reads 7:43

I went for a bit of a different style than what I usually do, I've only posted one or two songs on here so its not really noticeable.
The title might not make much sense to you, but it relates to what this piece is about, greatly.

C4C, thankyou.
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