I just finished recording one of my band's newer songs called "Inferno"
I used a Line 6 Pod X3 to record the guitars and bass
while the drums are made with EZDrummer with the DFH addon

This is a new song from my band Bridge To Nowhere, it was written by me and our drummer (he wrote the 'orchestrated' parts)

Anyway it's on my profile so check it out and let me know what you think
(I didn't do any mixing, the guitars were just recorded straight into Audacity without any sort of editing, I should learn how to use Cubase or Reaper

My band is searching for a vocalist and a keyboardist so if you're located in Anaheim California and are interested let us know at
Keyboard tone at intro is phenominal. Tight instrumental, drumming is very solid. You def. got the old school death sound. Death Metal needs to sound loud, in my opinion.
I immediately thought this sounded excellent, as soon as I heard it, and even more so when everything came in. Considering you say you've done no mixing, this is even more surprising. Yes there are elements that are sketchy, but the overall feel is that it's "almost done" and to get that with hardly any mixing, and in Audacity is pretty impressive. I really would recommend you get Reaper as soon as possible and start exploring it's capabilities, it's a really good piece of software, especially considering the price (or lack of )

Back to the song itself. I really love everything about it to be honest. The drums are intense the whole time, and really pretty well put together - there's some cool fills and good use of cymbals in there. The guitars are crushing as well - the riffs are tight as hell and always interesting. Also, the keyboard really adds a new element, and as said before, the tone on that is spot on.

All in all, I really like your stuff, The other stuff on your myspace sounds pretty awesome too - best of luck to you and your band in whatever you do in future dude.

Edit: Just realised I was listening to the wrong song, haha, but all the above still applies, this is great stuff, reminds me a bit of 'The Faceless,' be great to hear some vocals on there.

And thanks for your very kind comment on my song. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you on this one, but I'm glad I did, this is good stuff. Big thumbs-up
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