Hey guys. Pretty simple question here...

What's the optimal height for my bridge pickup? Does the EMG mess with the strings when you position it too close to the strings like a passive pickup does? I don't feel like I'm getting that same ballsy, thick and razor sharp palm muting sound that I got with my previous guitar. It almost feels like a little bit less gain. I haven't changed settings on my amp or moved it since I got the new guitar and I'm finding myself adding a little bit of gain on the amp when it's already quite high.

I had the 81 taken out of my old guitar and put into my new one with an 85 in the neck. Which means I can't use my old guitar as a reference for pickup positioning on this new guitar.
New guitar is Ibanez S670PB.
battery could be low... there are magnets in the pcik up so the closer the pick up the more itll take away from your sustain and what not. mess with its hight. find what sounds right to you and maybe just maybe get a passive and not have to worry about dumb batteries. haha
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EMGs have a weak magnet so string pull is very low, but because of the pre-amp it gets all that high out and thats why they are so silent. EMGs say that your should put it as close as to the strings without the strings actually touching or hindering it, but it ups to you just use your ears
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With active pickups, as close as possible.

Check your battery.
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mine are about 2mm on both sides at the bridge pup and about 3mm both sides at the neck. the distance at the neck might need to be shortened but i like keeping that one slightly lower anyway. you can start with those numbers and make your own little minor adjustments.

if you want to use the guitar with EMGs for good clean stuff, i would recommend the 60a at the bridge. the mids are more pronounced, the highs arent as harsh, and i just plain like the clean sound of that better than the 81. i have one that i occasionally swap out with my 60a and for the last 2 months the 81 was at the bridge, and im pretty sure i wont be using it again.

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