First ever NGD on UG (though i'm sure more will follow)!

Picked this sucker up for $399 on Friday. It's a used Ibanez SZ Prestige, although the shop just called it "prestige" so I'm not positive on the exact SZ type. According to the serial # its a 04/05 model.

Pics! (Hopefully i resized these small enough)

And a Family pic:

Plays real nice!
That is one snazzy guitar you've got there mate. Looks to me like you got a good deal on it.
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very nice! wow that thing looks sweet!
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sweet guitar. we need clips later. HNGD!

I wish, nothing here really to record with..

It plays very nice though. Really happy with it, especially at the price i paid for it!
sexy! love the top
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Sounds like a steal! HNGD!
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Ok, So I've done some research, and from what i can tell it is a 2005 SZ2020FM in TKF (the transparent black finish). 2005 Is supposedly the first year they made SZ prestiges, And since my serial is W450028 I bascially scored the 28th ever SZ presitge made (if i decoded the serial right... Probably not ). Very nice!
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Love the bridge. HNGD

agreed. Most of the hardtail Ibanez' have those shitty cheap fixed bridges, but that thing looks like a tank.

Mind you they are starting to change their ways these days.
Wow. the wood looks seriously cool.
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Someone has def. tinkered with this, btw, as i just opened up the back cavity to investigate the tone know cutting out. It's shielded, the pots all say "gibson" on them and it has a "Mojo Dijon" 22nF on it. Next time i take the strings off, I'll have to investigate the pickups, cause they arent stock either. They look like maybe dimarzios?
- 2208 Ibanez SGT Acoustic
- 2005 Ibanez SZ2020FM TKF Serial # 28
-Vypyer 15 (not the best, but hey it works!)
And as always, lots of learning to do!
interesting bridge, i haven't seen one in that style before. can anyone identify it for me?
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