Older song that I re-recorded. New melody/lyrics - what have you.

Comments and critiques will be appreciated, and reciprocated.

The Debt
The guitar work sound great, and the tone you got was impressive. Only crit I have is the vocals, it sounds like you tried to sing and play at the same time and it threw off your pitch. I would try rerecording the parts separete. Like record the guitar part. Then record the vocals and mix them together. You'll be able to keep better pitch without having to redo the entire song over again till you get it right, plus the vocals will stay at a level volume.
But I'm digging the voice, sounds really rough and hardened. Not like these sissy FOB kinda voices. Keep it up.

Crit mine?
The guitar was very impressive, it had a great sound and managed to be varied while staying simple. You have a great voice, especially for this style of music. You have a few pitch issues here and there, but you still get a good sound. One thing though is that six minutes might be a bit long for that style with the same progression, though you do mix it up a bit like at the end. Overall you are getting a great sound and I thoroughly enjoyed the track. Crit mine if you'd be so kind! https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1235553
I like the progression you used alot, as well as the small embellishing parts you managed to sneak in near the beginning(I wish more people did that) You voice is really unique, even though theres a few parts off pitch. Lyrically, what you do have is pretty cool, but I think this song could do with a little less repitition, or maybe you could mix the lines up a little.

wow man. this is the best thing i've heard today. im a big folk fan, and this was very early bob dylan ish. well done. i liked the lyrics and guitar. perfect for the style. good song to burn one down to. vocals arent trained or anything, but if they were it wouldent have the feeling this has. well done my friend. i like the little notes you threw in betwean the chords. this song kind of made me sad, and made me think. you made an impact man. this is something special you have here. i think its a little too long and needs to be trimmed down, but its rock solid the stuff you have. it would sound good with some light drums in the background and or bass in the second half of it. good stuff though man.

crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=22442889#post22442889