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So I'm looking for new bands a few minutes ago, and I stumbled upon Deicide. I didn't particularly like the song I found except for the solos. (I try to listen to a bit of all metal, but usually try and play more Melodeath/Thrash, which are my favorites). I got to thinking about it, and I realized a lot of songs I don't like that fall into the realm of what I usually do like often have more simplistic or rhythmic guitar sections that I like/ would play, and if I'm not mistaken, this is sometimes what makes me dislike a song.

tl;dr; I think technicality/style of guitar can almost make or break a song (for me). Discuss?
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i think vocals make or break a song.
i dont like death metal sheerly for the vocals (opinion)
The music I listen to is dominated by my guitar playing. I listen to several genres of extreme metal-particularly tech death.
When I listen to a song I am always paying close attention to what the guitars are doing and considering if I would like to play it myself :P
And like you say.. the songs that I enjoy listening to the most are interestingly the songs I enjoy playing on guitar the most. I love playing fast, technical songs and I listen to music that is fast and technical more than anything..
Its funny that I never really thought of that before.. good post \m/
If its catchy, or fun, or funny, or powerful or moving or just all around pleasurable I'll listen to it indiscriminant of what genre it is. I like to give everything a shot seeing as how I listen to just about everything (although I have to agree with guitar guy 1010 the vocals sort of put me off extreme metal, but I keep an open mind)
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my musical tastes are completely dominated by stuff i would like to play. whether it's stuff thats a little over my head, or stuff that i learned my first year playing guitar it definitely has a big impact on what i listen to.
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not much
i love to play megadeth and slayer, but rarely listen to them
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I listen to nearly everything other than modern western urban music; my playing is very strictly run-of-the-mill rock rhythm playing. I can't say what I play and what I listen to have any connection, nor are there any defining elements of a song or band that will make me not listen to them (other than being purely all-round crap).
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Usually it doesn't. Generally I can put my library on shuffle, and it'll run the chance of going from Delta Blues or Classical to Death Metal. Lately I've been listening to Steve Vai and Eric Johnson a lot, but the prior is mainly because I discovered the experimental, whimsical side he shows on songs that aren't huge shred hits like For The Love of God and Bad Horsie, particularly back in the earlier Flex-Able era days, and EJ is pretty much just because a friend loaned me her copy of Venus Isle. Usually though, I listen to a bunch of stuff, from complex pieces I can't play to three chord folk or punk melodies.

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I just listen to songs I like really. It doesn't matter if I can play it on guitar or not to be honest.
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i won`t play anything i don`t enjoy playing and enjoy listening to.

example:- this week i auditioned for a band, got the gig then turned them down `cos they wanted me to play 1 and two chord guitar parts without expressing my playing......to me that`s boring.

what you`re playing a your enjoyment of song and what you are hearing will naturally make you want to play more......
If i like a song i'll listen to it. I don't lose respect for it because it's simple. I don't blur the line between aural pleasure and technical difficulty/intricacy. I think that's a really snobbish thing to do to be frank.

I can understand why it happens to people, especially the metal and beyond lovers here but I don't do it at all.

I like a wide range of music and if I was worried about how technical things were I wouldn't listen to half the electronic music I do.

Fair enough you don't want to be playing in a band where you're not challenged or bored, that's fair. But musicality transcends difficulty so it shouldn't affect what you listen to, only what you play. This can be circular as you'll generally listen to the type of stuff you play, but this is not essential.
^ alot of the greatest songs ever written were simple riffs/progressions, providing the song offers some sort of excitement i`ll play it, but i was asked to play snow patrol chasing cars and i might aswell gone to sleep........from boredom.......
Well, I play a lot of Satch and I listen to a lot of Satch. When I improvise I also use some Satch style licks so yeah I'd think so.
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