Hi everyone,

I'm looking to buy a PRS, but I'm undecided between two...

1. PRS CE22 Maple
2. PRS Standard 24

Which one does everyone reckon is better? And if theres a difference, how much do you reckon is the price range difference between the 2?

I believe the CE has a bolt-on neck, which gives it a more snap to the notes, like a fender. The standard is more like a custom as far as i know, with a set neck. Smoother attack to notes. The CE has a maple neck, where the standard and custom have mahogany necks. The standard and the CE both have mahogany bodies, and the custom has a mahogany body with a maple top. I own a custom 24, but i havent tried the standard or the CE. The best way to see what is better is trying them out, and seeing which is better.
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The Custom 24 will also be higher gain, as they utilize two of PRS' highest output pickups, the Vintage Bass and HFS, while the CE22 has the Dragon II in the bridge and neck, which have not as much gain but better cleans and are overall more versatile, IMO.

As far as price range difference, if you're planning on buying new, the CE22 has been discontinued but can usually be found as leftover stock for $1,800-2,400, while the Custom 24 is usually around $3,000+.
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well as noted before the ce-22 is a bolt on guitar, not a standard bolt though, PRS bolt on play just like the set neck versions because they are bolted further into the body leaving a nice heal emulating the set neck. differances of course maple neck, and dragon p/us which the dragons sound great clean, and they handle high gain alright they do tend to be a little muddier than the HFS and Bass. the standard is all mahogany setneck, the only difference is there is no flame or quilt on the guitar so its normally just a red mahogany with a clear coat, which imo lets the guitar breath more and lets the notes sound more organic and rich.
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^ I have a Standard 24. I don't know about that whole "breathing" and "organic and rich" thing... But hey, whatever floats your boat.

Also, I read "Custom 24" instead of "Standard 24" for whatever reason; they should be about the same price.
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