So, I've been using my PA to amplify my bass and vocals for band practice. I don't have a bass amp, and I would like one. For reasons I don't care to delve into, my parents are giving me a higher Christmas budget this year. I asked my parents for a bass amp, I was thinking an Orange Crush 35b or something.

Anyways, my Mom objects and called it a "damn music box". She says I already have a PA to use so there is no need for an amp. I have given her a few reasons off the top of my head:

1. Portability reasons, for when I just want to go jam instrumentally with someone.
2. PAs just reproduce the exact sound, where an amp would shape the sound and make it sound better.
3. I could manage a low volume sound better so I wont play as loud at home.
4. I've got an electric guitar, and my best friend is a really good guitarist, so we could amplify guitar with the amp and it would sound better than the PA. And my friend wouldn't have to haul his amp over since he has to ride the city bus.
5. I said overall it would just be more practical for most situations.

Any major reasons I'm missing out on BG?
I use my Pod into DI PA and if I do have amp it become a monitor and sometimes if feels like there no point having amp on stage, even more so If use In ear monitors.

when recording its straight into the DI,

Amps are getting used less and less but are for show to extent.
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Save up and buy it yourself.

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2. PAs just reproduce the exact sound, where an amp would shape the sound and make it sound better.
Not necessarily. PAs can shape the sound. I think it would be best to word this like so: "Bass amps are made specifically for the frequency range and tone of a bass guitar, whereas PAs are made to suit the frequency range and tone of no specific instrument.
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I agree that an amp is a better idea (I have and have used both an amp and a PA speaker for band practice) but you're going to want something considerably more powerful than that orange.
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An amplifier would give you a better tone when you play. Bass amps are specifically designed to enhance the sound of the bass as well as amplify it, whereas a PA system is designed to add as little tonal coloration as is possible. A good direct box or bass preamp such as a SansAmp gives you tonal variation and character to compensate for the PA's lack of it, but in the end, nothing compares to a good bass amp. Also, a PA really isn't designed to be played at low volumes. It is made to amplify signals loud enough for a crowd. You are better off with a bass amplifier.
the "proper" bass sound comes after it has gone through a proper amplifyer. without it it is VERY dry sounding an amplifyer boosts desired frequencys for bass guitar and cuts the unesisary ones. if you plug stright into a PA you will most likely notice alot of unnecisarry hum and it will sound VERY harsh sounding also.. idk how to say it "ducky..?"

not to mention bass speakers sound VERY sweet compared to pa speakers many people prefer to mic thier speakers instead of DIbox thier sound to the PA

if she absolutely does not bite for this logic then look into either a DI box or better yet a bass Pre-amp. she wont know what exactly it does but its the best you can do without a bass amp.

sansamp RBI is an option if you can't afford that then get the regular sansamp bassdriver.

ampeg SVT-pro preamp is a good tube preamp and has a DI out the back of it. also BBE bmax has tube and mosfet versions to accomadate different budgets.

sounds to me like you already have a extensive collection of gear. how is your transpertation situation? it might be more worth it to save all that money for a vehicle if you do not already have one. trust me after i bought my fullstack i was desperately wishing that i purchased a car instead with all that money once i turned 16 .... it all worked out for the best but it was nearly two years later before i got a vehicle.
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ask for a sweet tone shaping DI box. you own your own PA dude.
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If you're just practicing with it, a preamp would indeed be a better option. You'll get a much better sound with that than you will with any small bass amp.
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